Sierra COVID-19 Message 2020

To all Dental Laboratories,

In unparalleled times like these, uncertainty is the only thing we can count on. The Coronavirus pandemic is at the top of everyone’s mind. We must all do what we can to mitigate the effects both from a health and economic standpoint. The Sierra Team is actively engaged with our partners to provide uninterrupted support you can rely on. COVID19 response

What Sierra is doing:

As supply chains are stressed worldwide Sierra stands by the dental laboratory and is committed to continued support of our industry.  

  • Safety Above All – Our team is informed on and following all CDC and WHO recommendations for the mitigation of the virus.
  • Keeping product available – Sierra is uniquely positioned in the supply chain to maintain control over production. We are taking steps to assure that product availability remains unaffected.  
  • Continued support on all levels – Including Consultative and Technical support to dental labs. 

The Sierra Team is proud to be part of this close-knit industry. We are continually impressed with the community atmosphere that makes the dental lab business unique. Moving forward we must continue to work with and help each other. 

Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe as we walk through this moment together. 


Greg Everett

Vice President, Operations

Sierra Dental Tool