Blog Series: WeTeamUp Terms


WeTeamUp is starting its new blog series “WeTeamUp Terms”

The new series will take a comprehensive look at terms that matter to those of us involved in dental CadCam.

Most of us reading this site are dental lab techs looking to become more knowledgeable. A good portion of our readership are new to dental CadCam, both technicians and lab owners alike. Starting off with digital can be a daunting task. WeTeamUp wants to try to alleviate that stress.

One of the most challenging aspects of learning dental CadCam is becoming familiar with the jargon. That’s how we came up with the idea for this new series. Over time, we will create a nice sized library of terms that will be an enduring resource for the digital community.

Every post we will pick a term that’s common in dental CadCam production and break it down. The posts will be easy to digest, quick reads that are 500 words and under. The idea is to be able to read a post within a few minutes and gain some insight, then go about your day.

Each post will be comprised of two sections. The first section will have a simple overview of that week’s term. Following that, the second section will be a bullet point list of interesting details to remember.

WeTeamUp terms has it’s own category, you can see all of the term posts HERE

We’ll also update a list of posts below:

Hopefully, we can teach you something along the way and improve your digital knowledge base.

Stay tuned!

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Greg Everett

Hi, I’m Greg Everett. I managed a milling center in Southern California for over 10 years. I’ve got lots of “in the trenches” experience in the dental lab. I enjoy helping others, and I never stop learning. Let’s grow together!