Tech Talk with Zahn: Part 2 “Ongoing conversation”

Greg Everette, Business Development, Sierra Dental Tool joins Andrew Kissin, Director of Marketing, Zahn Dental to discuss: – How diamond-coated burs compare to other burs in the market, i.e using a process called CVD – Sierra Dental Tool’s education and support website, WeTeamUp – Working with Zahn Technical Support to troubleshoot users


Milling Digital Partials – The Profitable Way!

Hey, we just did a very in-depth webinar with Kris from Myerson – We went through the digital partial framework workflow step by step! This is a great one to watch if you’re considering milling your partials!

Webinar description:

Learn how to efficiently produce a high-quality and cost-effective milled partial. In this on-demand webinar with Greg Everett of Sierra Dental Tool and Kris Schermerhorn, CDT of Northern Virginia Dental Lab, we explore the optimum material selection, as well as talk in detail about how the mill, strategy, and correct tooling will affect your experience. The entire workflow: design, nesting, milling, and post-processing, will be covered.