About Us

WeTeamUp is about you– the dental lab tech in the trenches. Its purpose is to help you with the challenges you face without a heavy sales bias. It’s about giving value through digital content. We’re using blog posts, videos, and social media engagement to address issues that the modern dental lab might come across.

Our staff at Sierra Dental Tool has decades of collective experience in tooling, machining, and dental lab production. We’re uniquely positioned to share our knowledge with the industry. Over the years, we’ve built our reputation on long-term quality and service.

Now we’re continuing to build that reputation with WeTeamUp. Our goal is to help you, your lab, and your bottom line. If you visit on a regular basis, you’ll learn how to take better advantage of your equipment and improve your processes. It’s our hope that information found here will help you enjoy higher productivity and reduce your overall stress level.