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Zahn Dental Webinar


We recently did a webinar with Zahn dental. Lots of great info on CadCam and digital processes in the lab!

In this webinar, Greg Everett from Sierra Dental Tool speaks about the role of milling tools in the modern digital workflow. He covers industrial tooling theory and how it applies to the dental lab, how to identify common milling issues, and breaks down the importance of using quality tooling in your lab. He introduces WeTeamUp – a digital educational resource powered by Sierra Dental Tool. Walk away knowing more about the dynamic process of milling and increase your ability to troubleshoot common milling issues.

Check it out on Zahn Dental’s Youtube Channel!



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Greg Everett

Hi, I’m Greg Everett. I managed a milling center in Southern California for over 10 years. I’ve got lots of “in the trenches” experience in the dental lab. I enjoy helping others, and I never stop learning. Let’s grow together!