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Pam and maintenance of ovens and Zr

WeTeamUp Interviews: Session 2 Top Tips for Dental Lab Technicians in today’s Digital Workflow

In this session, Nick Alonge interviews a highly regarded digital dental technician, Pam Hanneman CDT. They discuss in-depth, their top tips for sintering zirconia and maintenance of ovens.  
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Workflow with the end in mind

DGShape Americas – CAD/CAM Workflow with the End in Mind

In this webinar, WeTeamUp’s Greg Everett and Nick Alonge joined DGShape America’s Fernando Catania and Portal Digital Dentistry to discuss how to get a consistent and predictable outcome from CAD to CAM.   Posted by DGSHAPE Americas on Tuesday, April 21, 2020
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Sevan Youtube Photo

WeTeamUp Interviews: Session 1 Top Tips for Dental Lab Technicians in today’s Digital Workflow

Welcome to our first session of WeTeamUp interviews. In this session, Nick Alonge interviews a highly regarded digital dental technician, Sevan Pulurian. They discuss in-depth, their top tips for dental lab technicians in today’s digital workflow.  
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Roundtable - Millbox Cover Image

MillBox Experts – Round Table Discussion

In case you missed the live broadcast, check out the recording of the recent round table discussion we had with our friends over at CimSytstem! “During this session, we cover some of the common support issues that come up in Dental CAD/CAM and some of…
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Digital production workflow webinar

Webinar: Digital Production in a Modern Lab

An efficient team runs on a chain of: digital production, correct tools and materials, maintained equipment, good communication, and time management. What does each of these mean for you? Check out the latest #webinar featuring Nick Alonge and Greg Everett as they discuss balancing cost and quality in…
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COVID19 response

Sierra COVID-19 Message 2020

To all Dental Laboratories, In unparalleled times like these, uncertainty is the only thing we can count on. The Coronavirus pandemic is at the top of everyone’s mind. We must all do what we can to mitigate the effects both from a health and economic…
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WTU post

Zahn Tech Talk – A Short-Form Interview

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WTU post

Milling Digital Partials – The Profitable Way!

Hey, we just did a very in-depth webinar with Kris from Myerson – We went through the digital partial framework workflow step by step! This is a great one to watch if you’re considering milling your partials! Webinar description: Learn how to efficiently produce a…
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Title page

Zahn Dental Webinar

  We recently did a webinar with Zahn dental. Lots of great info on CadCam and digital processes in the lab! In this webinar, Greg Everett from Sierra Dental Tool speaks about the role of milling tools in the modern digital workflow. He covers industrial…
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Featured Article in IDT: “Milling Tools – The Bottom Line”

  We’ve recently been published the trade magazine: Inside Dental Technology! If you want to know the key considerations when choosing milling tools, Be sure to check it out here: https://www.aegisdentalnetwork.com/idt/2019/03/milling-tools-the-bottom-line  
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WeTeamUp Terms: “Tool Profile”

What is “Tool Profile”? Tool profile is the shape of the tool’s cutting edge as seen from the side. As a milling tool shapes your part, it leaves a path that is the negative of its profile shape. The selection of tool profile is dependent…
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WeTeamUp Terms: “Calibration”

[kal-uh-brey-shuhn] What is “Calibration”? Calibration is the comparison of values produced by a machine to a known standard of accuracy. Like any sensitive piece of equipment, modern dental CNC machines need to be calibrated in order to produce good milling results. All machines in our…
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